Hello, where to start? I have a 19 year son, who we have just realized is on the spectrum. He hasn't had a diagnosis, but man, looking back, it is crystal clear and right there all along. No one every told us, despite OT for writing, counseling for anxiety, PT for sensory issues over the years. We, of course feel like terrible parents. Him being 19 has made things slightly more complicated, because of privacy rules/HIPPA. He has all the things I notice other parents are listing, not too many friends, spends a huge amount of time online, very resistant to getting a job, no desire to go to college. He has also come out to us as transgender and has scheduled himself to start hormone replacement. I have discovered that 25% of tansgender folks are on the spectrum. I am so happy to find this community to become more knowledgeable about how to deal with our child better.

Posted by Missmargige at 2022-09-01 17:51:46 UTC