Hello! I just joined this sight today and I'm hopeful it will be a worthwhile experience. I don't understand why people buy R.V.'s from "Bish's R.V." in Idaho Falls... I can understand why someone might stop by the place though. One time, my good friend Dee and I went there to "check out the fine bish's". My friend Dee had brought a bag of DELICIOUS glazed almonds, and Dee was sharing them with the staff. The staff kept asking for more and more glazed almonds until my friend Dee finally had to cut them off. It's like Bish's just CAN'T get ENOUGH of Dee's nuts! πŸ€ͺπŸ˜† If I ever get a pet wombat, I want to name it "Mortal" so that it has it's own theme song.... For Halloween, I want to combine the Mr. Peanut and Ghostbusters costumes, and go as a "Nut-Buster" πŸ€ͺ I came up with this corny one while working at a noisy grain elevator and singing reggea songs to myself: Please keep in mind that the punchline is best delivered or imagined in a HEAVY Jamaican accent: "What do you call grain that is obsessed with reggae music and the mafia?" ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Answer: Mob Barley! πŸ€ͺ This is my EXTENDED profile description: My hobbies include: 1.) LEADING: the fight for the rights of the subjugated and persecuted women of the world 2.) TIRELESSLY: searching for a cure for juvenile diabetes 3.) SELFLESSLY: volunteering my time in war-torn parts of Africa, helping rescue and rehabilitate the Child-Soldiers. (at great risk to my own health and life, might I just add) 4.) BEING: MUCH sexier in real life than my profile pictures would suggest... 5.) PERHAPS: slightly exaggerating my top 4 hobbies. I also TRULY do like: trying to be the best father that I can be to my son, helping others, philosophy and Spirituality in general, (especially Eastern/Taoist leaning), learning, teaching, reading, writing, travel/adventures, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, swimming/tubing/rafting, the outdoors, meditation, trying to transcend the illusion of seperation, movies, music, websurfing, video/computer games, 420/entheogens, shamanism, paganism, new experiences, sensuality, self mastery, psychology, metaphysics/quantum physics/futurism/human potential/the un-televised revolution, mysticism/esoteric knowledge, and big butts: (I cannot lie) :-P I'm an INFJ 33 year old heterosexual, cisgender, male with high-functioning asperger syndrome, ( I'm pretty eccentric and eclectic, but I can almost always effectively fake as if I'm normal if the situation calls for it :-P ) I'm a HUGE believer in universal laws and truths, ESPECIALLY the Law of Attraction ( I am having mixed results in actually APPLYING the Law of Attraction, but I'm slowly improving this skill ) I border on being a hopeless romantic, but I feel as if the term doesn't quite nail down who I really am, I'm a sapiophile who's OPTIMALLY looking for my SOUL-MATE, but I'm also looking for a good friend, or anything in between. I ran away from a very loving and supportive family at age 16, to go to Portland, Oregon and ended up living under the Steel Bridge with a family of raccoons who ate from my hand every night. It was about 300 feet from the Rose garden (known today as the Moda Center: where the Trailblazers play) . I dealt enough weed to work my way up to a cheap motel in a couple months. I passed my GED in the top 1% of the nation, and have a tested I.Q. of 156. (Although, in full disclosure: I was 12 years old at the time and testing against my dumb-ass peers. I imagine/guess I would score somewhere around 130 testing relative to my age group today) So I like to flatter myself as an intellectual, but I can be so damn dyslexic, that I'm really only as brilliant as I am retarded at times... :-) - What do you think is the most promiscuous government agency? My vote is the Department of Treasury and Finance, because that agency is D.T.F.! I do think the Department of Transportation might make a good wildcard pick though, because half of the time when I see anything related to the Department of Transportation in the media, it has to do with seatbelt use, so they OBVIOUSLY have some sort of kinky fixation on bondage. Plus, I hear that the Department of Transportation "gets around"... πŸ€ͺ I hope my abnormally long and random-ass copy and paste icebreaker doesn't come across as too odd. I would hope it wouldn't on this particular website. πŸ˜† πŸ™‚

Posted by codemeister32 at 2022-08-30 17:17:16 UTC