Hi All! I have a very bright 12 yr old transitioning into middle school. My son experienced trauma at school in the 3rd grade, and has a hard time going to school. He is really struggling emotionally with the transition and has had several meltdowns at school and at home. He seems to be agitated a lot and very on edge. The school that he goes to is a school for children on the spectrum, and they are great with IEP’s and making accommodations. I just wonder if my son would do better in a homeschool setting. It would offer the calm that he needs, but all of his teachers and his psychologist think staying in school is the best option and that homeschooling would be terrible. He hasn’t been the same since the trauma in third grade, and school is a trigger for him. He elopes and aggression can be an issue. Every professional I’ve asked is neurotypical. I would love some advice from someone that isn’t neurotypical, or a parent that has gone through something similar. I worry that he won’t be around his peers and that we will struggle getting him to participate in academics. He loves video games and I fear that will be the only thing he wants to do. Any advice?

Posted by tan5511 at 2022-08-30 04:31:52 UTC