Hello I'm new here, I'm Bilaliyah. I am the mother of an Aspergers son who is 9 almost 10 years old. My question is my son is so talented in coding (600+ Scratch projects), drawing, animating, graphic arts, ect. I have a VERY hard time with keeping him not bored. He wants to 3D print parts for an interactive Robot open source project I found on Youtube. I'm all for it but what happens when he finishes that project? By the way I have to find the projects, or he will just code and talk about how he wish he had something to do. He is very social, he will talk to any adult or kids, in any place, about any subject that is on his mind. His vocabulary is like he is an adult. He is witty and cracks so many jokes. He doesn't really fit in at school because he is more advance. The kids are amazed by him because he finishes Nintendo Switch games in a week, and has all the knowledge on pokemon. I want to find a group of kids on the spectrum like him. That are in to coding and robotics. Is there anything out here like this? Thank you.

Posted by Bilaliyah at 2022-08-30 01:23:48 UTC