Hi everyone, I think I've an undiagnosed Asperger syndrome, I knew all my life that I'm different, I struggle wondering why I can't make friends like the other. My official diagnosis is schizophrenia, but I really have a good contact of reality, (I'm not saying that, my psychiatrist said that) they start give me medication becouse I saw my lap like glitching, and I felt scare about some people (I'm not talking about real paranoid but some kinda of high anxiety) and then... Boom. Schizophrenic. The meds I take got me some allucination but it was write in the advice! I don't know.. Do you guys think I should talk about my fear of being an Asperger person with my therapist? Or just let this idea go? I really think I am

Posted by faziojulia68 at 2022-08-29 00:37:57 UTC