Has anyone gotten guardianship of their over 18 yr old? I’m fluctuating back and forth about the “need” to do so with my grandson. Right now grandson has signed permission for me to continue involvement with his academic and health providers and I’m his Representative Payee for his finances (SSI). Lawyer is saying it’s beneficial to do it now vs waiting for when it becomes “an issue”. But part of me doesn’t want to “rock the boat” and part of me (at age 64) is unsure if I want that degree of “legal” responsibility especially as he’s okay (for now) with my continued involvement in his life. It would be a 17A as he’s also under the OPWDD classification and not just MH. He has significant health issues that need careful management which (right now) he can’t navigate independently. My hope is that over time he can manage his life independently and successfully- just right now that’s not the case. Tired of being told “he’s over 18 and considered an adult in NYS” and asked “Do you have guardianship?

Posted by epbrn at 2022-08-26 17:19:48 UTC