My 18 year old son has been diagnosed with “mild autism” less than 18 months ago. I have suspected this for years, but have been told “no. He doesn’t have enough characteristics to get a diagnosis.” Well he has. He just graduated from high school. But has done nothing but sleep in, go to bed after 1:00am, and play on his laptop. Reading some of these other comments, I’m seeing my son isn’t the only one with headphones on 18 hours a day. Is this a thing? I’ve seen some of you mention tooth brushing. I feel pretty lucky there, but, the rest of his hygiene is not good. He tells me he’s washing his hair, but it never looks or smells clean. (I’m a hairdresser, this is my specialty!😞). Even bathing. For a 45 minute shower, I expect him to smell clean. We are trying to encourage and motivate him to get a part time job. But I worry about his hygiene. He doesn’t want to go to college. No problem. He will find his way to where he needs to be, and I’m excited for this next chapter of his journey. Are we expecting too much of him by wanting him to get a job? He is capable of so much. Gentle advice would be great.

Posted by bzymomov2 at 2022-08-25 22:44:14 UTC