My 22 year old daughter with autism is having a really hard time working, has no real people skills and hates being around them. She works a graveyard shift at Walmart so she won't have to deal with customers but it's causing a lot of meltdowns. I have tried to get her to move to a day shift but she doesn't want to because she works four days a week on the night shift apposed to 5-6 days on the day shift. She's plugged in non stop on her days off and waking hours which I get but then she's mad all the time that she's not getting any attention. Her spending habits are crazy!! She'll get a large paycheck and have the whole thing spent in one day on who knows what?? Her diet is absolutely awful! HELP!! Advice someone, please🙏🙏.

Posted by ninjamama25 at 2022-08-24 19:44:01 UTC