Hi, new here. My 19 yr old so. Is going to community college and drives small distance. But I have to stay on him to brush his teeth. His teeth need 3 more root canals and several filings (15 of his teeth are bad) he is obsessed now with playing Dnd after I pushed him to be more social. Well since then he quit going to church and that includes singing in the choir. He wears his headphones 18 hours of the day. Stays up till 2 or 3 am on his phone watching YouTube video games. I sat with him and we made a hourly schedules for school, homework/study, free time, sleep ect. Am I expecting too much? He got depressed after high school and became suicidal but reached out to us and he is now on Zoloft in morning and guanfacine at night along with d3. He is a cross country runner and is very good. He will run if motivated

Posted by goddardtina22 at 2022-08-24 00:15:03 UTC