Hello, I'm hoping to get some help with understanding how to help my son. He is 33 and lives in a studio with his Kittie. I help him financially sometimes. It has always been a challenge to help him. He gets jobs in the service industry like dishwasher. He has recently been working at a retail shop behind the counter at marijuana dispensaries. He likes to discuss the products with customers. He was fired from one place recently because of insubordination. He got so angry that he called the owner 47 times complaining and possibly threatening (he wouldn't do anything). The owner called the police that showed up at my front door. They met with him and gave him a citation and now we have to go to court. When he feels disrespected he loses his temper. He has not be diagnosed but I'm pretty sure he has Asperger's. What can I tell the judge about his behavior to help him to not get fined? (I would be having to pay this fine because he can't afford it). Thank you for any suggestions. Chris

Posted by chris2mcl at 2022-08-22 18:01:42 UTC