Hi, I have a son in his mid-twenties who will barely come out of his room. After graduating from HS, he moved in with his dad and worked at a grocery store for a while and did well, but it stressed him out badly. He quit when the pandemic started because his stepmother has lung issues, and then he moved back in with me (I'm about 2 hours north of his dad). I cut him some slack for the first year of the pandemic, as none of us were getting out so much. But this has gotten totally out of hand. I need him to at least make enough money to qualify for ACA subsidies (about 13k) so I don't have to make those payments as well as my own. I'm not even sure where to start, though. I've tried talking to him, but he responds very poorly. I'm not good at tough love, but he (or we) need a jolt of some sort to address the inertia. He has a psychiatrist, but I haven't been able to find a good counselor here who has experience dealing with young adults on the spectrum. Any ideas of where to start?

Posted by vickivanv at 2022-08-21 02:58:21 UTC