Good afternoon. I'm trying to determine whether my 10 year old might be on the spectrum. She has ADHD NOS and experiences multiple sensory processing difficulties. She's quite social, but doesn't like giving or receiving hugs or other types of physical affection, except from a very select few people. She becomes extremely upset over perceived failure and prefers to give up on something if she thinks it's too hard. She dislikes loud noises and struggles with anxiety. Her anxiety comes from both real and unreal fears. She's got extreme stage fright and hates having people look at her. She has started refusing to talk about her feelings and her self esteem is very low. I brought up the subject with her behavioral counselor, but was told that she didn't exhibit symptoms of Asperger's or other autism spectrum disorders. I'm just looking for some answers and ways to help her. Any insight or resources anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by ahughes3kids at 2022-08-18 20:04:46 UTC