Hi All! After many years of not wanting to go back to a counselor due to a poor experience, my son is now recognizing the need. I made an appt with a recommended counselor in our area who specializes in Aspergers kids. My son said he just talked and the counselor listened. No interaction. No feedback. He was hoping for some insight, guidance, or just even some response. He didn't connect and doesn't want to go back to this person. However, he also wonders if all counselors are like this??? What should we look for? Should we interview them before setting up an appt to save time (and money)? How can we find a counselor that will work with young adults on the spectrum? There are just pages and pages out there and I'm concerned about selecting one and again not having a good experience because this most recent one was recommended. UGH! Thanks for any tips & insights!

Posted by BGabe at 2022-08-13 14:07:01 UTC