Hi, I have Asperger‘s/mild autism, and my oldest was diagnosed last year shortly after his 10th birthday. I am seeing signs that my daughter and my youngest son might be on the spectrum as well. However, my son’s evaluation was quite traumatic for me, and it is so time consuming and expensive, especially if I’m considering two of them. I hated feeling like I had to educate the psychologist about Aspergers, and she tried to diagnose him with more serious mental health issues that there was no explanation for. How important is it to get a diagnosis? I feel pretty familiar with ASD at this point all things considered, and I feel like the most important part is handling it in the day-to-day and teaching them how to handle it. We are not planning to do any ABA or medication. We also homeschool. I am also afraid of the judgment of others when I say my children have it but then can’t back it up with an actual diagnosis. Thoughts?

Posted by cjfish311 at 2022-08-08 16:03:37 UTC