Hi , I'm new to the group. and would love to hear some thoughts and ideas on how to help my son get along in social settings (without me being present.) He is a thrice exceptional 8 year old, very intelligent, loves reading, drawing, discussing superheroes anything related to science, and has a wild imagination. He has been kicked out of every school because he has outbursts that are perceived to be a threat to other children and teachers. His outbursts happens when he is being hit, teased or simply annoyed by other children and or are ignored by teachers when he is asking for help. He will use inappropriate choices of words and actions to express himself and often needs a cool down space. I am now homeschooling him, but I recognize that he needs to learn how to be in a social setting without me. How can I help him learn how to appropriately express himself without using words that cause others to feel alarmed and how can I help teachers and other instructors in social settings to understand him better. Thanks in advance for the feedback,

Posted by Talithacumigca at 2022-08-07 11:13:27 UTC