My 16 year old son has Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, ODD and a host of other mood disorders. He refused to get out of the car after the first month of 10th grade last year. He is highly intelligent and a pretty near genius with technology like operating systems, kernels, and Linux. He doesn’t care about much else and doesn’t think a piece of paper (high school diploma or GED) proves anything. I have signed him up for homeschooling and he studies for hours on end, learning new things about technology and history every day. He refuses to learn algebra. He doesn’t want to learn a canned set of ideas and subjects like in school. He’s highly intelligent and knows more about the subjects he’s interested in, than most adults. But, he is 6’3” and weighs 387 lbs., doesn’t brush his teeth, goes outside 1 day a week for church on Sunday, has a learners permit, but doesn’t want to practice driving. Also, takes a shower once a month. He spends his time laying in bed or studying on computer. He has been on every medication known to man and now we were told that’s why he gained 150 in one year. Now, no meds and he refuses to go to counseling, doctors endocrinologists, dentists, behavioralists and psychiatrists. I can get him to hang up his clean clothes! His dad and I were never married and his dad abused him most of his life, even though we live in separate houses. I have been working with an ADHD specialist and have made some baby step progress with him. I am a single mom and have been surviving on child support. I have to find a full time job, but am terrified to leave him home alone. Exhausted and need advice. Thanks 🙏 😊

Posted by Gersh at 2022-08-05 16:01:22 UTC