Hello. I’m new to this group. I have ordered 2 books but i feel i have an urgent question. My 15 yo Asperger’s totally refused to go to school all of last year ( 9th grade). The school was extremely patient & tried multiple accommodations but nothing worked. As I’m reading posts here I’m realizing that my grandson is deep into defense mode. We hired a special needs consultant & my grandson has been going to a psychiatrist. During IEP meetings, the offers of residential placement has come up. The school said we should have medical input for that. Our psychiatrist did a yearly evaluation and her conclusion was “failure to thrive” ( he lives in his room. Never goes out. & binge eats) it is almost time for school and i am torn by the idea of residential but don’t want another year like last year. Everyday was an awful struggle. There is a lot of back story ( re his parents). Any thoughts or advice. I need to get in touch with the school but am procrastinating. Thank you for listening. Susan

Posted by redsue53 at 2022-07-31 17:17:12 UTC