Hi, I am Melissa and am new to the group and have an 11 year old son Hunter who is the spectrum. He is quite a chatty Cathy and only has two modes. Paralyzed in silence of daydreaming or nonstop talking and running around the house. 😳 Hunter‘s biggest struggle is getting away from his Legos and talking about his Minecraft games and not fighting or ignoring anything asked of him to do and not having to be reminded 1 million times. Most is ignoring. He has always had receptive and expressive language delays, it is just hard to tell what is not understanding, what he is not processing, or what he is simply just refusing to do. He can engage in conversation but most of it is about hyper focused interest. He is a pretty smart guy with the exception of dyscalculia and dysgraphia which would go back to the processing issue. Any advice? Thank you and it is greatly appreciated!

Posted by MelissaMM at 2022-07-30 09:45:31 UTC