Hi All, I've been around AE off and on for many years trying to support my oldest. My son just turned 24 and is finally open to counseling again. He's experiencing a lot of anxiety around not being where he wants to be in life and what he has missed out on in comparison to others. (He had a bad experience at age 13 with a counselor who didn't really listen to him and never wanted to go again because he felt it was a waste of time.) Unfortunately, this is coming two weeks before our annual vacation to the extended family cottage. This is not a place he likes to go and for the last couple of years, he has stayed home alone, enjoying the peace and quiet of the house. I really don't want to leave him right now as he is very sensitive and emotional. Right now, I'm talking with him multiple times throughout the day as he's really opening up about so many things (it's been long overdue). I'm willing to stay home with him and forgo my vacation and let my husband take our younger children. My husband feels that both my son & I should go. He states he and the younger children will miss me, which is very true. He also feels that this is a time when our son needs to be around his family for support. But I know this is not a place my son enjoys being at and I'm worried, with everything he is experiencing emotionally right now, that this would just add another level of stress he really doesn't need. My husband doesn't have the flexibility at work to reschedule. I've thought about driving separately and spending just a few days there but then that's a few days where my son would be alone. I just don't know what to do. Appreciate any thoughts!

Posted by BGabe at 2022-07-26 01:55:48 UTC