Hello, I'm a later diagnosed neurodiverse person. I am very unfamiliar and jumpy with this type of interaction, I dont posylt cute photos of my bird to Facebook, and here I need to be extremely open, is that makes sense? I'm finding it hard to hopeful for permanent progress (slipping is fine, but I want uphill steady progress, gosh darn it!). I'm not able to find a lot on 20s/adult autistic people, like advice or help, places to connect with similar people, where and how to learn skills I should have acquired when I was a child. I am trying to apply what I learn and read here but I dont know how I can show tangible results to my parents, who kindly are housing me. Im filled with a lot of shame and apprehension everyday. I want to make my mom proud and I do want to understand, but understanding and application is really difficult. I wish I had a pre-planned step by step check list detailed to my life. Im really frustrated with myself and the situation and its dousing my desire to keep trying so hard when everything and everyone is so discouraging, even if they don't mean to be. I don't know how to best utilize this site and I don't know what to really do at all, I'm so lost. Is there a beginning, a timeline, a set way of approaching this? I dont even what I'm doing. Or what question to ask! Or if its safe to ask here!! (I'm WAY out of my depth.) However, I want to try asking, even if this is incoherent, so I apologize. If I can just make some connections with people and feel less alone, I'd appreciate it. Parents, how do you feel appreciated by your child? What was the most eureka realization or connection you've had learning here? Anything welcome, sorry, I dont know how to post. Im Kayli. πŸ‘‹ hi

Posted by Kayli at 2022-07-17 15:27:35 UTC