Hello, I am a 35 year old woman who just diagnosed myself Asperger’s syndrome and I am also a therapist who is helping children who has ASD and is learning ABA to get the certificate of BCBA. I have got my bachelor’s degree of ENGLISH and master’s degree of philosophy. I am happy that I finally find out the answers about myself. Now, I can understand myself much better now. It all makes sense now. Why I self-talked so much,?I needed friends, but it was hard to find one. Why I failed in a lot of work in the past ?Because I was bad at social relationships. Why I needed to work so hard to talk in front of other people and to strangers? Because I was lack of social skills and I was also determined. Why I was so good at Maths in primary school and English too while so bad at other subjects including History , geography and literature? Because I felt safe to learn things that had rules.That is also why I chose philosophy for my master’s degree after I got my bachelor’s degree of English. Why I like to take test?(I took a lot of tests even after graduation. Because I can see exactly what I need to do next when taking exams. Why I can be a teacher’s teacher and give lectures for 8 years? Because I prepared PPT and I know exactly what I should say next. Why I can be a therapist now working with children with ASD ? I can understand the way they think. Because I know what problem I need to solve specifically and what skills to teach and I know what to say and what not to say specifically. Why I chose my husband as my husband? Why I seldom have friends? Who can be my friends? I found out 2 features my friends have: 1. Kind.2. Intelligent Why I cared so much about myself instead of others? Why I seldom care about my own children? Because I was busy finding out who I am. It took me 35 years for me to find out who I am. I read a lot about education,psychology and ABA now. If you want to know what your children might think and how to teach them efficiently, you can ask me, I will try my best to help you. If you are a girl or a woman with ASD or Asperger’s syndrome, I hope we can be friends.

Posted by Cathy1986 at 2022-07-17 01:21:32 UTC