I am an adult, 65, who has taken some online tests and has reason to believe that I am in the autism spectrum or have Asperger‘s. I was diagnosed with ADHD in the mid 90s and at that time found most of the resources were for parents and children and not adults, but that’s slowly changed and I found an adult ADD support group and other resources and learned self management, nutritional techniques, etc.. (after trying different medications unsuccessfully) which really helped, but did not solve all my problems. I hear now there’s a lot of overlap between ADHD and Asperger‘s. I have been trying so far without much success to get a referral for testing for Asperger‘s and I’m finding out that most of the resources are again, for children and their parents. I found a testing place, but I’m not sure yet whether they can take my insurance and they’re very expensive. I am looking for information and whatever resources I can find for dealing with Asperger’s or high functioning autism. I want to learn self management techniques and whatever else I can do to better my situation. I have struggled my whole adult life , I was unable to graduate from college and I’ve had trouble holding down jobs, relationships, living situations, etc. Any books or resources for adults dealing with their own adult Asperger’s would be a great help. I am a big fan of the Netflix show, “Atypical”. I had a boyfriend that I lived with for three years who had figured out he had Asperger‘s, and unfortunately, self medicated with alcohol for the hypersensitivity. Thanks for any advice or info!!

Posted by Judyshatir at 2024-06-27 23:30:36 UTC