I do not understand this logic. I raise my dog, I take her out, etc. The only time my mom takes care of her is when I am sick/away, but not always when I am sick. Sometimes she will also take care of her if she was the cause for me going to bed late, but rarely. Also, when I got the most recent Covid vaccine, she refused to help me take care of her because I was literally unable to walk (joint stiffness, inflammation especially in joints, incredibly dizzy when upright, etc.) because SHE did not want to wait 2 days for the brand I always get because I have not had that bad of side effects. My mom can yell at me and tell me how to raise my dog and how to train her (she has basic training and I train new skills to keep her level up, she is almost 3 years old). However, I can't tell my mom that she is driving in two lanes, the red light turned green, etc. when she is on her phone while driving. I don't understand... She is doing something dangerous but with my dog she is simply not liking my training style. I can't help her to drive better when she is on her phone not paying attention and prevent her from getting in a wreck yet she can yell at me for how I train my dog???

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-06-25 11:44:17 UTC