I’m new. Spent 4 hours crying today. Yesterday, my child had an outburst at a baseball game because he feels that the kids who have to sit the bench are being treated unfairly. So today I had five adults(coaches) tell me that sitting around and supporting the team is character building. when I tried to explain That he has autism it was clear they still believed I should control him. All he did was yell. No violence or threats. So he is suspended for a game and other parents have distanced themselves from me. Being a mom of a Child who can mask most of their autism traits, sometimes feels like torture. I never tell anyone that he has autism but then when I have to because of something he has done I get treated like I’m making up an excuse for him. I never made friends with other adults so I wouldn’t have to explain or apologize to people. Baseball was the one thing we did. Now that’s gone.

Posted by Eli at 2024-06-24 05:02:34 UTC