New here… I am so grateful for this site/community. I now understand my 28 yo son (recently unofficially diagnosed) is in defense mode. It’s been challenging, he has severe social anxiety, is frustrated, angry and lonely. I am trying hard to learn not to try and fix things. It’s a struggle for me because I see his anguish. He moved back in with me and my husband recently. When I hang out with him, it is often him sitting in silence scrolling on his phone, then he complains about his life and then talks about technical details of cars (which I find impossible to follow). I get anxiety when this happens, which is often, as my mind starts to wonder thinking of the million things on my to do list. I feel like I don’t know how to be with him and be supportive. Is it just my presence that’s good enough for him? It is hard to be a part of the conversation without adding to it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I feel so alone. His stepfather is HFA as well, which is why I feel more alone I think.

Posted by lisa331 at 2024-06-23 17:53:19 UTC