Hello All Looking for advice for our 17 year old son who is on the Spectrum. In school he does very well and in regular classes and even the honor roll! He communicates and has a few friends, understandably coming home he shuts down and does not communicate much with my wife and I. We give him space but he frequently has been wetting his bed and fights showers and will stay in his urine stained underwear not caring. We have tried to talk about the urine issue and he is embarrassed, we think,and gets very defensive. Have tried therapy but totally shuts down, the urine issue is alarming and escalating. Also will pee on the floor next to the toilet, we live in rural Vt and finding help is difficult but if we cannot get this remedied I fear having him a care facility for a short term. Our doctor also thought possibly he might be having small seizures possibly sleeping but will not comply with testing. Thank you

Posted by Myles at 2024-06-22 18:53:09 UTC