Tips? I want to register to vote but do not want my address to be leaked. I have numerous family issues but have no records and my mom does not want to "dig up the past." I can understand because if someone hurt your baby and you have moved on since then but don't want your child to know what exactly happened, you don't want to be looking at records. She also doesn't have many records at this point since it was so long ago. Many of my family issues have given me PTSD and nobody knows where we live, they only know a general radius, which was by mistake. I want to register to vote but don't want to give my address and it be public. State and federal programs exist but you have to supply records proving you are/were a victim of a crime. I would rather not continue to have flashbacks and emotional trauma from the (C)PTSD they have given both my mom and I. Any tips?

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-06-22 12:32:59 UTC