I'm curious how long does it take for one to get OFFICIALLY diagnosed with Asperger's? I have a 13 year old, will be 14 soon and is VERY well behaved. She is not academically challenged and most of her issues is social skills, hygiene issues, (wearing same clothes daily until washed once a week) and SEEMS "lazy" where she doesn't clean up after herself except her sanitary pads when she changes, I'm sure she has sensory processing disorder. She has gone to school in just jeans and a T-shirt with hoodie over it in BELOW freezing temps walking to the school bus stop across the street. There are other issues also that indicate her having sensory processing disorder. She believes she has ADD and doesn't think she has ADHD. Her and I can talk and communicate well. She is pretty mellow for having Asperger's at her age. Her "escape" is being on the iPad - constantly.

Posted by Mahlikah at 2024-06-22 01:07:10 UTC