I am thinking more and more about getting officially diagnosed with CPTSD. I am informally diagnosed with PTSD from my therapist who also told me to get tested for autism and ADHD (which I am now officially diagnosed with). I am self-diagnosed with CPTSD. I watched a video today talking about the close link between autism and trauma conditions such as CPTSD. I am just wondering. Are there any benefits to getting diagnosed? I already have therapy, which I don't tell the full thing to due to the trust issues I have due to trauma. I'm on anxiety medications and ADHD medications but all my other medications are due to other conditions. The only other medication I have that is considered in the family of psychiatric medications is my nerve pain medication that helps with restless legs which helps me get to sleep. I'm on a low enough dose to where it is not considered enough to do anything psychological. It makes me tired but that is just about it. Are there any benefits to getting officially diagnosed or am I already getting all the care there is in modern medicine? It would be covered underneath insurance and I have fully met my out of pocket deductible so I wouldn't have to worry about testing costs at all.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-06-21 03:22:03 UTC