In case anyone is looking for a specific doctor regarding psychology (therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, etc.): Psychology Today is a very good website where you can filter everything from gender, religion, to conditions they treat/diagnose, you can even filter by cost and if they have a sliding scale cost. Hello Alma is a good place for therapists, very similar function to Psychology Today. Good Therapy is one I don't know much about but it is said to be great. I can't comment on functionality. Mental Health Match I also don't know much about but that and Psychology Today are the two most well known and used directories. TherapyDen is another one that I have heard of that sounds good, can not comment on the functionality. The other option is you can call your insurance if you want to use them to pay, they typically have a list of all in your area and you can then research about them. This way typically takes more time but I have found good luck in certain areas, I found my therapist from a list from my main hospital where I get most of my care at, becaude their psychology and mental health network is not within network of my insurance. They contacted my insurance for me and gave me a list. I then researched. I also found my occupational and speech therapy from my insurance. Now, for specialists that are not therapists, I don't trust my insurance as they try to go with whoever they pay the least to, which isn't great because I don't get as many recommendations on the list.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-06-20 01:51:09 UTC