2 Edits at bottom. How to respond to my mom when she is trying to start an argument and won't quit even after me telling her to stop, and then when I engage and give her positive criticism, she gets really defensive, even if I blame things on myself? Or even, if she keeps insisting she wants positive criticism but yet when I finally give it to her she yells and gets defensive? If I don't give it to her she yells because she isn't "perfect." Edit: By "positive criticism" which I realize might be wrong in how I said it, I mean basically where you aren't saying "you suck" and are going "I notice this, you could try this, or what can I do" basically offering a solution/to help. Edit: It's called constructive criticism, my bad.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-06-18 20:28:38 UTC