Weird question. Not asking for medical advice. For those who get migraines: I found ever since I was little, that showers help. I don't know if it is a sensory thing, whether it is getting a new sensory experience temporarily or removing myself from a triggering sensory stimuli. It could be a complete coincidence, because it doesn't typically work for all migraines. It still doesn't, but after trying an elimination diet due to CSID (congenital sucrase isomaltase deficiency; basically lactose intolerance but with sucrose, sugar that is either natural or artificial), I am able to cut out certain foods that are triggering that I never knew were a trigger. So now with less triggers, I am noticing showers are taking away more of my mygraines. As soon as I step out of the shower though, it comes right back. Which lead me to the belief it could possibly be sensory related, as I do have very strong sensory sensitivities (I can even taste smells, strong or not, I can taste them all). Does anyone have any experience with this?

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-06-18 02:51:19 UTC