So... can anyone help me understand this or even put words to it? I've always thoughts graves were pointless, stupid, and just overall "storage" spaces almost. I've never seen the point. However, when my grandpa (my dad's, not biological, side, that I have no contact with because he decided he didn't want to see me so he didn't have to pay child suppirt and he gave up all rights) died, I had no contact with him for a while. I learned about his passing while we were moving hours away. He died when I was about 9 or 10ish. I previously had my great grandmother die and I really had no feelings. I was just sad I couldn't go to play her organ, lol (not in a funny way that she died, just funny in my way of thinking), I was like 6 at the time and loved her organ. She really wasn't talked about again other than her property being split between my grandpa and his siblings. I've never even been to her grave. Pretty much the only grave I go to is my great grandmother and grandfather, who I never knew, on my grandmother's side. I was named after them and my mom says I act a lot like my great grandfather and he is probably my guardian angel. When I am passioniate I could talk to a wall. My great grandfather did the same to the point of his nickname being radio, lol. We also recently just found my grandpa's grave (from my dad's side) and he got this lame little wood block that was carved. His parents got these grand grave stones, and his siblings got even grander ones. Ever since seeing it just that once, I have made a promise. I have even prayed and asked God to tell him that I promise when I get enough money someday, that I WILL get him a gravestone. I don't know why. I just want to get him one. I have even researched things to get him a free one now. Unfortunately, you have to be in a military cemetary. He isn't in one and didn't get a military funeral because he wanted to be buried next to his parents, who he loved. When I was there I prayed to God and asked Him to send a message to my grandpa. I still do that but the message I asked to be sent then was more the promise of giving him a proper gravestone. He only has one sister still living and it is very likely that her husband carved the wood. It wasn't even carved that well. It was rotting when we got there. It was to the point that we had no contact with the family that we had to go by his obituary, go by the little knowledge of what he had said to us to do when he passed, and we had to drive and walk around to find his grave. I loved that man. He was the best. Haven't had any grandparents my whole life until him. Only knew him for 5 years but he was the BEST. I rarely cry but I still tear up when thinking about him for long. The candy. The banana muffins. The netflix we watched when getting home from school. The watermelon. Even the water at his house was better, lol (we were on the SAME plot of land, same water source, etc.). He changed me. He cussed up and down like a sailor but would never cuss around kids. He put up with our antics, trying to get him to stop smoking whenever we heard the speech of "just say no" to drugs and the consequent speechs about smoking. He really was the best. Anyways, apologies for the rant. I still don't really understand the point of graves. I still feel they are pointless. However, I still want to get him that gravestone. There's a reason I made that promise. Something just told me to make it. I want to follow through. When I get a job I want to save up the couple grand to get him one. Why? I don't understand.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-06-15 02:21:01 UTC