Boy do I have a long update.... broke it up into numbers in case you want to reference a specific spot in a comment/reply. 1. I come home and EVERYTHING is moved in my room. My mom didn't remember half the things on the counter or where she put them. 1a) My mom started yelling at me for simply stating to not move my stuff, throw away my stuff, or take my stuff. She started yelling and said that she did all this stuff for me (I didn't ask her to do it...) and that I should be greatful that she helped me. 1b) I am greatful she helped me but she doesn't need to THROW AWAY MY STUFF, and now I can't get some of the things I NEEDED because trash has already been taken. She put everything in the wrong place. 1c) I am furious. I have told her plenty of times that I love when she helps me and I am greatful but she can't just go throwing away my stuff or moving it. I have a specific order I like my things. I have organization. It may look messy to her but it is CLEAN to me. 1d) I got so mad that, completely unusually for me, I almost broke my glass soap dispenser because I slammed it on the counter a bit too hard. Tips for how to manage that anger? I am probably going to be finding things out of place for another few weeks now. 1e) I decided to take pictures of EVERYTHING, so if she moves it, I have pictures I can use to point something out and ask her where it is. Things have been missing for years at a time because she forgets where she placed it trying to "clean up after me." 2. Honestly, super conflicted about my dance studio. 2a) Ever since recital she has been extra nice and inclusive. 2b) She really is a wealth of knowledge but I don't like being invisible. 2c) She is actively researching for me when she gets time in the studio (when kids are late, etc.) and she even found some research about spotting during turns. She was able to find that people with disorders or diagnoses that come with hypermobility often have hypermobility in the muscles in their eyes (I knew that, I talked to my eye doctor about it because I had 5 surgeries to correct my diagnosis, the equivalent of lazy eye and esotropia, to say it in the way most people will understand, and that's also the reason it took 5 times for it to work). She found that spotting during turns is harder with hypermobility because your eye doesn't have time to focus. She says that it is probably a good reason spotting makes it worse. I usually just spot a vague direction and/or close my eyes and/or unfocus my eyes on command. It helps and I don't get as dizzy. 2d) Just found out her husband is also AuDHD, as well. Which means she should be able to understand me more than the typical person being that she has ADHD herself AND her husband has AuDHD, right? 3. I do like this new studio. I am just doing tap there right now but it is amazing. The guy is so nice. He kept complimenting me and saying that I was learning really quickly. He was even teaching things to the people there that I already knew. 3a) However, it is kinda hard to understand his humor. It is very dry and he waits for the other person to laugh. 3b) I hate triples or 3 count riffs backwards and I asked if he typically did them backwards too (more to prepare myself if he did them backwards, since I absolutely despise them). He said no and then said "It's like a PI for dance studios. Investigating all of them." I kinda laughed but he did not laugh. Still not sure if that was really a joke.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-06-14 03:56:11 UTC