I am finding myself giving into letting my son having a free summer with very little structured time. I am giving up worrying about this. It requires great flexibility and a lot more work for me, ironically. I won't have to drive him many places, but I will have to be home much more and my client relationships will suffer. But I prioritize home life over work life at this point, and I pray my bosses will be forgiving. Having said that, I have these ideas in my head that come from beautiful advice from watching Temple Grandin speak on YouTube. That kids with Asperger's need to be stretched little by little. We want to avoid these beautiful, able kids living in basements afraid to go out in the world. We want them to develop their talents. My son does go out, but by and large he is sitting in our basement most of the time. All this to say, as a parent of a beautiful, smart boy, I have plenty of concerns. Wish me luck as I prioritize the relationship once more, and let go of most expectations, while attempting to hold basic limits and boundaries. The stretching will have to come later.

Posted by sophieno at 2024-06-14 03:03:56 UTC