My nine year old son gets angry and has outbursts when he does something he shouldn’t do. Today he purchased over $300 in candy crush. I purposely do not have my Apple Pay set up to avoid these recurring unauthorized purchases. I do not know how he is doing this. We had to cancel Amazon for this same issue. We are afraid to approach him because we do not know how to get through to him without hours of outbursts. I’ve taken his iPad away in the past but he continues to repeat this same problem once he gets it back. He gets mad at himself when this happens and slaps his head saying he hates his brain and asks for help from us to stop his behavior. I’ve asked him once he calms down how we can help or what he wants from us. He doesn’t want to talk about it or maybe he doesn’t understand.

Posted by Ack at 2024-06-13 02:09:16 UTC