This is about diagnosis and vulnerability to addiction. My 28 yr old son was diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD, and dysthymic disorder years ago. I sometimes feel that his biggest obstacle may be the ADHD and executive functioning deficit. My wife and I try to encourage him to use technology for reminders and to-do lists to help his functioning. He just listens, but never does it. He's pretty much addicted to his phone, usually on youtube watching random videos. It's frustrating when this happens because he frequently falls prey to time blindness because he often doesn't comes out of his room until the last minute before he has to be taken to work. A part of the issue is that he is also addicted to videos and sites that, I will just say are not healthy, and unfortunately he spends a substantial amount of money on them downloading videos. I feel that underneath that addiction is the unfortunate fact that he has many insecurities and is lonely and also has some scars from the past (bullying in high school, being cheated on by a girlfriend, etc). I call it an addiction because it's disrupting his life and increasing the time blindness. Are any other parents having similar issues?

Posted by JohnnyG at 2024-06-12 12:06:15 UTC