Rrecommendations for a sensory friendly bag that I can store dance stuff in? I recently got a dance bag, I hate it already. It was fine in the store but as soon as I actually used it at a dance class, it was TERRIBLE. Wasn't fully covered in sequins, mostly a glossy fabric, but the few sequins that were there absolutely annoyed me and scratched me like crazy. I just need to store a 1L water bottle, ballet shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes, turning shoes, (potentially hard-shoe irish dance shoes, soft-shoe irish dance shoes), my purse (wristlet size), my phone, and a change of clothes. Recommendations? Sensory-friendly preferably. And also no more than $100 because my dance studio is not exactly in a good part of town and I don't want to be a target. I've also had a bag that was about 20 bucks, 80% sale from Target, and it was so heavy due to the bottom that I had to stop using it. 3 flights of stairs and a heavy bag is not a good combination, especially after dance class lol. I've had many other bags and I keep breaking through some reusable canvas bags I got from a local craft store, they were like $5 each.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-06-11 02:19:38 UTC