Hello - We are the parents of 25-year-old Asperger's male. He also has anger management issues, OCD, is bipolar, and has emotional regulation problems. Currently, he's experiencing high anxiety about going out and seeing the world and does not feel motivated to try new things. We started seeing a new psychiatrist a few months ago who is trying a number of different medications with him to see if he can help our son regulate his conditions. We have had a lot of mixed results and feel that we are still in the very early stages of finding any kind of solution. Our son has gone through a number of psychiatrists over the years, usually finding fault with their ability to discuss his symptoms with him. Additionally, he has had a similar problem with therapists and does not like hearing what they have to say because he normally considers their words as criticism. He is not engaged in any projects and he is very few things that he likes to do especially on his own. It is an effort to get him out of the house and try to see the world. He did have some hobbies and interests at one point, but that has faded. He also has trouble on the computer and on his cell phone because he will look at videos or posts on the web and see how people are opinionated. This makes him angry and frustrated and as a result he is stopped using these devices and is trying to not use them anymore - this is only gone on for two weeks. Unfortunately, because he has no other interests, he is often not able to motivate himself to get out of bed. Somewhere around when Covid first started, he began to get worse. He dropped out of college with only three classes to finish and since that time his world has gotten even smaller. Is there anyone else out there going through similar kinds of issues? If so, can you provide some guidance as to how we can better help our son? We feel and can't find any services that are appropriate? He is very high functioning and has aged out of most of the programs where we live. Do you have any places or people we should talk to for inpatient or outpatient services? We live in New England in the United States. Thank you!

Posted by Kelly1 at 2024-06-09 19:12:34 UTC