I'm honestly tired of being the stupid little child. I'm about to turn 18. I'm almost a legal adult, yet I am treated like a stupid little child. In 6th grade, I thought of a good way to cure cancer. Guess what? They are testing the exact way I thought up and NOBODY believed in me, not even my own mother. They are currently doing it for pancrestic cancer. Basically a personalized "vaccine" that contains the proteins that kill off cells or pass/fail cells during cell replication. Sorry, trying not to get too scientific. I'm just a stupid child. I know nothing. I'm tired of this. How do I convince people I know my stuff? I use scientific language once I confirm the person knows what I am saying in dumbed down terms. I say it in commonly used languaged and once they understand or mostly understand I replace words with scientific terms. Is this not the way? I even had one teacher in 10th grade thwt thought I was a 12th grader until my birthday popped up in the system and he saw my birth year. He told me after that he thought I was an on-level 12th grader because I was taking his calculus class and asked me what grade I was in. When I told him 10th he was absolutely speechless, flabbergasted. Many of my college teacher thought I was a college student and then would later find out I was a high school student. That is pretty much the only time they would take me seriously, because they thought I was stupid because they thought I was anywhere from 2-10 years older than I was. When I was 15, one teacher thought I was 23.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-06-07 21:54:22 UTC