How do I respectfully tell my mom that she needs to not do certain things while driving? My mom is a TERRIBLE driver, luckily she doesn't typically get into wrecks though. Often, she forgets to do numerous things. 1. (Not too bad) forgets to put the parking brake on whenever the car is parked, causing it to rock/roll. 2. Tailgates, pretty heavily, yet she hates it whenever someone does it to her (one time she yelled at someone who looked maybe late teens early twenties and held her finger up to the rearview mirror, she said "Stop it!" in a really rude tone) 3. She road rages (never done anything physical but more dangerous in that someone might react to her and pull a gun out or something), the previous example of tailgating is a good one, slamming brakes then hitting the gas and speeding up to where she is almost on top of the person in front 4. Constantly on phone while driving, I'm talking actually looking at it while it is in her lap and not on a phone stand just giving directions, no I'm talking about texting people, sending messages on Facebook, Teams messages, there have been a few times when she has been on a full on Teams Call looking at the screen trying to help someone with their work because they were sharing their screen and anything in between, even deleting emails or reading emails. 5. She literally has no clue how to slowly put on the gas pedal, during rush hour I end up with my stomach hurting like crazy and car sickness (I don't get motion sickness, I only get it with HER driving) because she often hits the gas, then hits the brakes, and so on. I've tried bringing up a few unsafe driving habits she has, but she always makes up excuses and when she couldn't come up with anymore excuses today she told me "nobody likes a backseat driver" and I simply replied with "then if I stop, you stop with me" and she replied "your my child that's different." She is always critiqueing my driving which is normally things like "go faster" when I am at 5 below the speed limit or at the speed limit itself. When I was learning how to drive and would make a mistake, no matter how simple or not it was, she would yell, stomp her feet in the floor, hit the dash/door/handle, etc. and critique my driving. When I eventually told her that everytime she does that she makes me think I am about to get in a bad wreck and die, she said "she would work on it" but she still does it to this day if I make ANY small mistake. It was so bad I used to slam on my brakes when she would do it because I was so scared and she didn't verbalize what she was concerned about. How do I critique her nicely? I am genuinely concerned for the safety of her and those around her when she drives. One of her most common excuses was "she has neuropathy in her right foot" but in other excuses she would say it was in her left foot. I suggested her going to the doctor but she has yet to see one and has made more excuses up. I suggested maybe trying a small light ankle weight on her foot so she would know where it is. She said that she didn't have it that time and it wouldn't work. Tips? I know I can't change my mom but I just want her to be a little more safe.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-06-07 21:29:13 UTC