Hi, I would call myself a middle aged adult, high functioning here new in this community ( from germany :) ) on the spectrum. It's really interesting to come into contact with other people, parents and relatives here. I was diagnosed at 21( I am 34 now) and since then I went down a long road of experiences but also of valuing my "specialties" as well. I would be happy to come into contact with other people in this form and exchange shared or different experiences in this forum :). For now I would like to now how you as a person in the spectrum or as a relative( brother, sister etc) deal with the fact that since our way to communicate is different how you deal with the unpreventible mistakes that occur in daily live while working. For myself: For a long time up until two years ago I just "shut of" when I made a mistake mostly due to lack of concentration in detail. Now I deal with it head on ( it would kill of my career if if would tell my colegues I am on the spectrum in germany, sadly) but it's often sad and depressing for me to knowing I made a mistake and it dwells with me for way longer then nessesary. Is there someone here who also experiences that sometimes and if yes how do you deal with it? all the best from german and in October front the states:)

Posted by Traveling Watergirl at 2024-06-07 18:20:25 UTC