Our son is 21 years old and we are trying to navigate this diagnosis. He has no interest in driving. He has no interest in furthering his life. He works part time at a grocery store. He has been in and out of college. He is currently in college for Cybersecurity. He does not want to date. A majority of his day consists of playing video games and 3D printing masks. We want him to be a productive member of society. It seems like he is just content living upstairs We are just wondering from parents that have a young adult in this situation. I realize all kids are not the same, just trying to get some insight. Did your child ever begin to drive? Is so at what age? Did your child become employed and move into their own place? Did your child start dating or even get married? We are considering getting him some professional help in hopes of giving him a kickstart. We are looking for a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or something. Has anyone done this and did it work? We a located just south of Atlanta, GA if anyone has a recommendation.

Posted by JDJLWilson at 2024-06-07 02:04:54 UTC