I just wanted to post something really positive. When my daughter and I went on the journey to understand her better and she got diagnosed we were both scared. She was really upset with me and I was terrified of her future. It’s been two years now and she’s in high-school. With the help of her actual diagnosis I was able to get her the accommodations she felt she needed in school. She has a counselor and if she feels overwhelmed in class she can leave and go to the wellness center to calm down. She has only done that twice so far. She passed all her classes! All B’s except math which was a D, because the teacher said math homework did not count towards her grade but would help her on tests. So no matter how much we said you still need to do the homework she convinced herself she did not! lol! She performed in a dance show and is doing ice skating. Both give her immense confidence. I just want to say even if you lose friends, even if family doesn’t believe you and they think you are crazy, even if you have to read a ton of books to learn how to parent your child, DO IT! It’s worth it. We are such a happy family now. Mind you we still have hard days, but now we know how to deal on the hard days and we aren’t scared. And you know what friends and family always come back once they see that you were right. Just keep your boundaries to protect yourself❤️ This community made me feel supported in the hardest time in my family’s life. Thank you.

Posted by Sarah Murphy at 2024-06-06 13:21:48 UTC