To clarify: not wanting medical advice, wanting conversational advice in this situation, the first part is a backstory: I am going through a program for bariatric surgery to hopefully help with a host of problems. I have been through two before but had to wait because they did my mom really dirty and almost killed her. She checked herself out AMA and actually got better faster. I didn't trust the hospital and they said they cancelled the contract with the other hospital so that was no longer an option. I trusted the doctor but not the hospital, the doctor was amazing but the hospital regularly left my mom in her own filth and didn't walk her to the bathroom (it is an abdominal surgery so you are supposed to have aids to get around so you don't strain/fall/faint/whatever else). I am doing a pediatric program this time to hopefully ease my concerns because this particular hospital is amazing and I have done all 6 or 7, except 1, of my surgeries there. They are great with my medical issues. Before anyone gets concerned: I am not sick due to my weight but it makes my hypermobility ehlers danlos worse yet better (makes joints unable to lock out as far but can cause stiffness during einter months). I am also doing this because of the part of the stomach they remove. They remove part of the stomach that contributes to PCOS and other women's issues, and hopefully it should help. They also said if I have a lower body fat percentage than what my genetics want my body at, I won't have cycles or at least won't have them AS bad as I do now (debilating for 2 weeks before, the 2 weeks during, and 2 weeks after, and my body overcomes all hormone shots/pills so I quickly become immune and have cycles anyways on those medications). Anyways, back to the reason I am posting. I have my bariatric dietician from my previous bariatric doctor and a GI dietician for my CSID (congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency). The dietician at this new office is constantly trying to go behind my other doctors. I am currently on an elimination diet to see what I can and can't eat. The last visit she tried saying "oh, you don't need this diet, you need _____ supplement." The supplement she tried giving me had a huge amount of iron in it, and she actively discouraged against going to my other doctors managing my iron because I have a very specific iron level I have to be at in order to lessen my other symptoms (75, 50 is normal but I have to be at 75). The one she wanted me taking had over 200mg of iron. She also told me that my vitamin D is low and that I just needed to stop my vitamin and go get more sunshine (not how it works, as my body does not absorb many vitamins and I am significantly low in vitamin D, also everyone is low in vitamin D to a certain degree but you only take it if you have symptoms, which I have). She has also actively encouraged exercising even though I have told her several times my average exercise is about 6-9 hours of dance a week, with rehearsal and recital season it was 9-20 hours a week, and I am about to join more dance classes so it will probably be an average of 12 hours a week, all advanced classes, which is more than ANYONE does. She has also encouraged that I eat more than my body wants to, which is a good 1000-1500 calories (higher end when exercising). She wants me to get 2000 calories and I told her there is absolutely no way because I get sick off of that. The surgeon actively discouraged what she said and said that I should continue my elimination diet and that it is absolutely 100% okay and good that I run everything through my GI first. I have three more visits with this dietician, and then she can approve me. What do I say to this dietician when she absolutely discourages my other doctors and she is ONLY certified in adult bariatric nutrition, not pediatric nutrition at all? I need to make sure she approves me for surgery because I have gotten approval from everyone else, in multiple different programs, however, she is constantly saying she is concerned that I have GI issues and am still continuing with this elimination diet to see what I can eat. What should I say? My mom is getting to the point she is saying snippy answers and the dietician is picking up on that and being snippy right back to her. Tips and advice?

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-06-05 17:04:02 UTC