My autistic son is bright and graduated college last year. Unfortunately, he has been unable to find a job and left house nearly a month ago without any plan, money or idea of where he’d go to live or work. He did this in a used car, headed North to undisclosed locations and without saying “goodbye” to anyone and he appears confused. Also, he says that he has no desire to accept the help of his family or friends to lease an apartment or accept financial or other support. Fortunately, he does answer our phone calls and texts - he is always traveling to different locations where he seems to get certain day jobs. He also says that he is quite doing fine but is a bit confused and wants to clear his head. Suggestions on how we might be able to motivate him to return home and make a plan for a more healthy/productive move out process would be much appreciated

Posted by barkerj at 2024-06-05 04:47:33 UTC