Does anyone in the Community or AE staff have any recommendations for a Substance Abuse program. We are in Phoenix, AZ. My daughter is 22 and Autistic and has issues with Substance Abuse which originally stemmed from taking opioids to deal with pain from her chronic illnesses and now she is addicted. She has tried local in patient and out patient programs which have not worked out for her. The in patient programs do not make any accommodations because of her Autism and the environment is difficult from sensory overload, group social activities, etc Outpatient programs have requirements to be there everyday for treatment, but some days she just can't get there because of pain, fatigue, etc. In search of a program that might be inclusive of Autistic individuals and all that entails. Any thoughts or advice or even experience with your loved one?

Posted by baumansd at 2024-06-04 23:30:07 UTC