Being new to AE I asked an Psychiatrist associated with the Division of Autism Services, at a major hospital in our area if your website was legit. They are also associated with ASERT, and Office of Developmental Programs - Bureau of Supports for Autism and Special Populations l PA, Department of Human Services. Below is what they had to say. Please let us know your thoughts and can you provide more specifics about credentials. Thanks much. "Please provide more credentials we can check out before we become more involved. Thanks. I'm not familiar with the site. I did look at it briefly, but it does not provide a lot of information. I do have some concerns about the little I learned from the site. The cost for the 1:1 coaching seemed rather high. A psychologist would likely run around 150$ per visit, so 3 months that would be around 1,800$. The site quotes 5,500$ for 3 months. I don't see any references to any sort of theory (cognitive behavioral, person centered, applied behavioral theory) or methodology they are using. It's fine to strike out in a new direction, but if that's the case, what is your rate of success and what is your definition of success. It's easy to point to one or two "successes" as they do in the case studies but those are more testimonials. I also noticed all the books have the same authors, the Asperger Experts. We often recommend reading material when patients attend, but it's considered a conflict of interest to promote your own material. I'm sorry, but overall, I would be rather skeptical of it." Respectfully,

Posted by Moogie at 2024-06-04 19:10:41 UTC