So there are all of those crazy videos online of people waking up after anesthesia and saying some pretty dumb things. However, I have never said anything dumb and my mom says the funniest thing I have ever said was "I can't feel anything." after having my wisdom teeth removed. I notice that my friends who have many similar traits to me and/or traits of Autism/Asperger's also don't say anything dumb after anesthesia. Is this common for Autistics? Do we just only say the most logical things in our heads? For example, there was a video where a dad claimed to have given his son an expensive sports car the day before and told his son that he had wrecked it going to pick him up. The son, having just woken up from anesthesia, basically said a bunch of dumb things and acted like a spoiled brat and yelled at his dad for "wrecking his car." Is it just common for Autistics to not say anything because of social norms or because people are used to what they say?? Or is it just me with chronic pain and AMPS (basically chronic pain condition that is rare and amplifies, or ups, pain significantly) because I mostly complain about pain because pain medications almost never control my pain??

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-06-04 01:21:49 UTC