How do I deal with my mom when she is trying to break several rules? She is trying to go backstage with me and I am trying to tell her the rules. She is constantly getting mad at me and keeping me from doing things. She is getting extremely mad at me for trying to tell her she needs to leave and it is reflecting bad on me and her. Yet I'm the one who is always wrong and can't understand social rules..... it makes no sense. I told her I am sorry I am not saying things right but she can't just break rules. At graduation she broke the rules because parents were not supposed to come early and they said that I need to be helped to get ready because I have Autism. I'm reaching my last straw. I reached it last night, and she is quickly reaching my last straw again. What the heck do I do? She is also forcing me to get a covid booster shot and didn't tell me until yesterday but she claims she told me a week ago (she didn't). I don't want to be sick during recital, and I told her to reschedule it and she got mad.

Posted by Annoymous1 at 2024-05-31 14:06:45 UTC